Saturday, December 1, 2007

Miss A Junior Posts

RAGLAN Chapter

This was a trip to Raglan where most people in Hamilton would go for kayaking, boating, and surfing. The trip took about 45 minutes from Hamilton City. The road is a bit winding but safe to travel.

Miss A, Mstr A, and Miss A Junior was playing at the playground in front of the Bay.


A short visit to Rotorua would need us to go back to the place which is full of interesting activities to be explored.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Hamilton Garden 1

Here are the pictures for our love ones residing in Malaysia.

Precious Moment 1

Among all, this is mommy's favourite rose. Very bright yellow certainly highlight its uniqueness among other roses.

These roses are peach in colour and got a very sweet smell. Wouldn't mind sitting here all day long!

Mr A seems to share the same taste. Just like Mrs R (Mr A's nanny), Mr A prefers the yellow roses.

Unfortunately, these yellow roses were not on the run for the top 5 roses of the year. Wonder why?

The Pacific Rose Bowl Festival

This event was taken place at Gate 2 Hamilton Gardens on the 14th -18th November 2007.

Mommy, my three lovely kids, and I took the chance to capture the beautiful moments with these blooming roses. Couldn't afford to miss it!

All kinds of roses of different colours and scents. They were so beautiful!!! Hmm...if only I could pluck some of my favourites and put them in a vase and place it at my bay window...aah lovely.

Been wondering... when will I be getting a bunch of fresh roses (again) from my beloved one - Mr K?

My eldest daughter - Miss A and my son - Mr A were busy looking for the right roses to be nominated as the TOP 5.

They took part as one of the public judges (below 18/kids category) of the New Zealand Rose of the Year trials.

To my surprise, my proudly two little children here were really interested of being the public judges...

...moving from one point to the other to check and pick the best roses to be put in their lists.
Obviously Rose No. 23 was one of their top 5 lists.
They were really enjoying themselves and so did I.